Milos is not defined by a single face but by a profusion of them. Island of Aphrodite, of romance and volcanic splendour, cosmopolitan and multi-facetted, lush and abounding in natural beauty, picturesque and idyllic, Milos is, above all, authentic.

Endowed by nature with a stunning colour palette, Milos is a volcanic medley of imposing beaches, places of rare beauty. The island curves in a horseshoe around the magnificent Gulf of Adamas, formed out of the crater of a volcano it is one of the largest natural harbours in the Mediterranean.

The wealth of mineral deposits has lent a unique variety of sensational colours and geological features to the island’s 70+ distinct shores. Beaches such as the famous and much-photographed Sarakiniko, or Kleftiko, known as the ‘Meteora of the Sea’, and the caves of Papafranga are unique in the world.

And the natural beauty of Milos doesn’t end there.

Idyllic beaches, remote bays, shore sculptures carved by the sea, are images to bewitch the visitor. No other Cycladic island has such a diverse collection of individually enchanting beaches.

But there are other facets to Milos, apart from the renowned beaches which almost monopolise its fame.

Culture, with the annual summer festival and a host of cultural activities. Among them the interesting theatrical performances by the Milos Experimental Theatre Company.

History and its archaeological treasures.

The historic capital beneath Trypiti, with its ancient theatre, Catacombs, the place where the Venus de Milo was discovered and the black walls. The castle of the famous Melian pilots in Plaka, better known now as a vantage point for spectacular sunsets.

Its exceptional museums.

The architecture of its traditional hamlets, its windmills, the unique boat houses built into the coastal cliffs.

Strolls along footpaths of singular natural beauty.

The natural wildlife habitat of western Milos (a Natura 2000 site).

The ‘hot’ side with its volcanic craters, hot springs, strange colours.

The  submerged caves and their submarine world.

The flavours of its cooking.